The World's Most Expensive Dress

The World's Most Expensive Dress- Swarovski Dirndl - $127,000

The most expensive dress in the world is the Swarovski Dirndl Dress. Every girl loves to wear ravishing dresses. Now how much you are you willing to spend on a dress for her? Be assured that you will feel that this stupendous sum is well spent when you cast a look when she is wearing this wonderful dress on rare occasions. If you are bent on buying the most expensive dress in the world you will have to pay a dearly sum of $127,000.

What makes this dress so expensive? There are certain things you should pay heed before wondering about the sky high price of this dress. It is made in Munich, southern Germany. As the price tells us this is not a dress purely of fabric, it is also studded with gems. yes, that’s right, gemmed with some 150,000 gems.

Someone who is savvy of fashion wear can spend thousands of dollars on a particular dress. There are many expensive dresses in the market for sale. These dresses may be expensive but are not as much expensive as this. This Cinderella dress is really a work of art. The brilliant ochre color imparts this dress a glamour which is quite other worldly. These rare pieces are a collector’s item. They are the most sought after dress by all who are obsessed by the desire to own something that will make them special in a unique way.

The simplicity is the real beauty of this most expensive dress in the world. The very feel of this dress is sure to give you goose bumps all over and can make you quite ecstatic. It exudes grace and is glamour incarnate. Certainly you are sure to feel on the top of fashion world once you wear this exquisite garment which is rated as the most expensive dress in the world.

World’s Most Expensive Dress Revealed by Malaysian Designer

As expected, a third world country reveals the most glamorous dress in the world. Not Russia (known for it’s extravagant gaudiness) or Italy or Greece, but Malaysia. This is why one must never underestimate an entire country when it comes to fashion.
Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah has created what could be the world’s most expensive dress.
Valued at $30 million, the masterpiece by Abdullah is adorned with 751 premium diamonds weighing over 1,000 carats all intricately crafted by the renowned Middle Eastern jeweler, Robert Mouawad. Incidentally, Mouawad diamonds are the darlings of Tinsel Town divas like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman.
Mouawad’s pear-shaped 70-carat diamond sets the focus for the maroon tafetta silk evening gown that also features a majestic 6-metre train.
Dubbed the “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur”, only 500 handpicked privileged guests will get to view the fashion statement debut at the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Awards Gala on April 3 at the KL Lake Gardens.
And the best part of it all: STYLO International, the dress commissioner, will donate five percent of the sale price to a Gaza fundraising initiative to do their bit for the economy.

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